Krueger Music Studio is located in Ashland, Oregon, catering to students and families throughout the Rogue Valley, operated by Karli Krueger. Karli Krueger is a professional musician and private Piano and Singing Teacher for all ages, while also teaching Piano and Singing for grades K-12 at Logos Public Charter School in Medford. To read more about Karli Krueger, please visit here:

The primary aim of this page is to aid learners and enthusiasts in having access to helpful resources and enriching opportunities, while simultaneously supporting the greater professional & education-oriented Music world. The original idea of this page is dedicated to sharing musical information and resources with students already within Krueger Music Studio, and extends a warm welcome to the greater professional, educational, and music-enthusiast communities.

The broader vision of this page includes sharing information about music resources, professional musicians, and upcoming musical events, within the immediate and expanded communities of Krueger Music Studio's physical location. If you have a musical event or resource that you would like to share, including that which can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, you are warmly invited to respectfully share it here*

*Krueger Music Studio reserves the right to delete any item which is not in-line with the vision of this page.